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Here Comes ...DAREDEVIL The Golden Age Version !


Este herói da década de 40 que tem o nome, hoje de DEMONIO AUDAZ, não é muito conhecido dos brasileiros mas, recentemente pode ser visto no Project Superpowers, da DINAMMITE e, envolve diversos personagens da Era Dourada dos quadrinhos (anos 1930-50), reinventados para os tempos modernos, como Terror Negro, Mascarada, Chama, Escaravelho, Coruja, o Espírito Americano, Arqueiro, Pyroman, Lama Verde, Sansão e outros. No mundo criado por Ross e Krueger, eles saíram da ativa nos anos 50 - mas um evento misterioso trará todos de volta.

This original Daredevil was created by Jack Binder for an eight-page backup feature in Lev Gleason Publications' Silver Streak #6 (Sept. 1940).

Editor Jack Cole, who would create the classic Plastic Man a year later, revamped the character in the next issue and pitted him against Silver Streak's lead character, the villainous Claw, for a five-issue battle that made Daredevil a star. The final installment was written by Don Rico, who would write the character through Silver Streak #17 (Dec. 1941).

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Here Comes ...
The Golden Age Version !

Long before the days of Frank Miller, there was a Daredevil who fought gangsters in the grim-n-gritty of the big city. But this Daredevil used a boomerang, not a billy club. And this symmetrically-divided costume was alternatively red-and-blue, with a spiked belt as a caper. When he wasn't bringing crooks to unsavoury (and often graphic ) ends, this Daredevil fought Adolf Hitler or that 60 foot tall Asian monstrosity, The Claw.

Lev Gleason's Daredevil was actually the inspiration for Marvel's character, who came along eight years after Gleason's Daredevil Comics had been cancelled. He was introduced in Silver Streak #6 in a Jack Binder origin story that described how young Bart Hill had been left mute after being branded with a hot iron by crooks. Since the brand was in the shape of a boomerang, Bart Hill took up the Australian weapon, created a costume, and began a crime fighting career in his adulthood.

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